Unable to Draw Digital (For Now!)


I suppose it’s time should give I should give an update on things. Unfortunately, I overestimated the processing power of my Surface Book, which uses an Intel Core i5. I was also hasty in claiming that using the drawing software Krita used less power than SketchBook Pro; as I kept using Krita, I realized that my computer was heating up just as much, if not more.

So despite finding a free and open-source software, my computer cannot handle the stress. Until I can find a better alternative that keeps my computer from melting, I’m not doing any more digital drawings. I still may post new sketches using ol’ fashioned ink and crayon, and perhaps some more older drawings. I’m very sorry for this and hope you all understand.


Still on Hiatus


My purchasing goals have been reached, and I’m about to set up a larger online presence. It will take a moment, though. My Sketchbook Pro software no longer works on my Surface Book, so it will be a while before I post some NEW stuff.

I’ve also bought an ISBN and barcode for a small book that I’m about to publish soon, and am currently looking at printing companies near my living area.

I’ll try to pepper the followers of this blog with some older artwork before I start kicking into a higher gear. Happy 2017!